Neuro-Cognitive Function Test

As early as your mid-twenties, certain aspects of your cognitive function begin to decline in a linear fashion. You may not notice the decline unless you tax your brain (e.g., play a video game or do long division in your head). If cognitive decline is steeper than the average person, you are more likely to have neurologic disease such as Alzheimer’s or dementia decades later than someone whose decline is average.

The CNS Vital Signs is a battery of computerized neuropsychological tests that assess your main areas of cognitive function by taxing them more than your daily activities. It is used to screen for significant neurologic impairment from dementia, ADHD, or medications.

While most domains of cognitive function are affected by normal brain aging, some areas are particularly sensitive to age and start early in adulthood- ‘reaction time,’ ‘psychomotor speed,’ and ‘processing speed.’ Cognitive neuroscientists have shown that the decrease in performance on tests like these is correlated with the loss of dopamine activity in the frontal lobes of the brain.

The Stroop Test measures how quickly and accurately you can apply a rule to a stimulus and then inhibit the application of that rule (first act when the word spells the color of its font/then reverse the rule). The Symbol Digit Coding test measures how many paired sets of symbols and digits you can process on a computer screen. The series of tests takes about 20 minutes sitting at a computer.

Neuro-Cognitive Function Test is provided as part of our Elite Health Evaluation and PhysioAge Assessment.

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