Hormone Balance Program

For men and women referred to us by a physician or naturopathic doctor (and having the necessary physical completed by the referring party in advance), patients who are currently undergoing BHRT and not experiencing optimal results, or patients who are adding the Hormonal Balance Program to their Elite Health Evaluation/ Elite Year-Round Healthcare Program.


  • Upon reserving your treatment time, we will send you a requisition form authorizing some blood work to be completed at Calgary Laboratory Services prior to your visit (blood draw in advance of your exam in the convenience of our clinic is available for an additional fee, and is complementary for Elite Year-Round Healthcare Program members)
  • Upon receipt of your blood test results , an in depth review of your medical history and medications and thorough analysis of your hormone levels
  • In-depth discussion about your hormone levels with an expert physician
  • Creation of a personalized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) plan to optimize your hormone balances
  • Based on your medical test results, prescriptions for bioidentical hormones will be presented
  • Ongoing monitoring and two follow up appointments to review and adjust your BHRT program as needed

Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy FAQ

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