Hair Cortisol Test

A Hair Cortisol Test is used to evaluate the long-term effects of stress- elevated cortisol levels over time may indicate other health issues.

Because more than 70% of disease is believed to be stress related- early identification of the effects of chronic stress is an important step in reducing the incidence of chronic disease.   Hair cortisol provides an objective measure of stress over time because it reflects cortisol production over the timeframe that hair grows and is less likely to be influenced by acute situational or individual stresses. 

Health problems associated with high or low hair cortisol include:

Heart Disease and Diabetes:  Elevated hair cortisol levels are more common in individuals who have been diagnosed with heart disease and Type II diabetes than a normal healthy population.

Anxiety: People suffering from anxiety disorders have hair cortisol levels approximately half that of those without.

Depression: People with depression tend to have higher hair cortisol levels

Chronic Pain: Research shows that individuals with chronic pain have much higher hair cortisol levels than those who are pain-free. 

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