The Elite Experience

At Vitality Institute, we provide same-day visits that start on time. We want your experiences with us to be both relaxing and positive. Our patients enjoy the luxuries of an exclusive private waiting room with deluxe amenities including complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments. You are our guests, and we strive to exceed each patient’s expectations for comfort, convenience, and discretion- all conveniently located just outside Calgary’s downtown core.

Why cure when you can prevent?

Early Disease Detection & Risk Reduction

Relative 5 Year Cancer Survival Rates

Cancer Type Early Detection Late Detection
Breast 97% 21%
Colon 90% 8%
Prostate 96% 34%
Cervical 92% 15%
Melanoma 96% 12%
Disease Average life Years Lost
Heart Disease 11.0
Stroke 3.5
Hypertension 2.7
Diabetes 13.8
COPD 5.8
Obesity 5.4

Elite Wellness Package

The Elite Wellness Packages an exclusive offer for Elite Year-Round Healthcare members who would like to extend their wellness experience with massage therapy and detoxification treatments at Sante Medical and our affiliated spa properties.

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Elite Year Round

Elite Year-Round Healthcare Program was created to provide medical care on a 24/7 basis to people looking for a family health practice in a concierge style environment. This gives you an entire team of health care professionals who know you and work with you to achieve your goals- putting you in control of your health and of your family’s health.

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Elite Health Evaluation

Our Elite Health Evaluation provides patients with one of the most in-depth healthcare assessment of any kind in Calgary.

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Elite Fitness Appraisal

We have the advanced testing to determine the best fitness program parameters for your individual physiology and age to maximize your results.

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PhysioAge Assessment

Our PhysioAge system measures vital body systems or biomarkers to identify how well you are aging. While you may be 50 years old, your actual physiological (biological) age may be 60. Tracking physiological age over time provides a clear profile of your individual aging process and can help your physician determine which treatments to prescribe and when. By incorporating lifestyle changes, we can often slow down or reversing biological aging relative to your chronological age to prolong your lifespan and healthspan.

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Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program

Our team of wellness experts and medical professionals are here to provide your company with the tools to build their best foundation ever.

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