Redefining the World
of Corporate Wellness

Vitality Institute knows that building a successful, productive company starts with a great team. That’s why we are committed to helping you keep your employees in top shape, with high quality corporate healthcare at rates that you will see a return on investment on. Our focus on preventative care ensures your employees will be ready to give 100%, while simultaneously reducing your long term healthcare costs.

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How does you Workforce Measure up?

Risk Factors For Every 100 Employees

Cardiovascular Disease 27 Have Cardiovascular Disease
Blood Pressure 24 Have high blood pressure
Stethescope 50 Or more have high cholesterol
Weight Scale 26 Are overweight by 20% or more
Smoking 27 Smoke
Drink 10 Are heavy drinkers
Exercise 59 Don't get adequate exercise
Stress 44 Suffer from stress

What is the cost of an unhealthy workforce?

Wellness Benefits

Healthy People = Better Business

It’s no secret that healthier people work harder and smarter - not to mention happier. Here at Vitality, our innovative approach to medicine emphasizes prevention and maintenance over damage control and repair. We are perfectly positioned to assist your employees in assessing and maintaining an optimized level of perfect health. The key to outstanding personal health is a solid, foundational lifestyle.

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The Bottom Line on Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness programs are an investment in your coproration's most valuable asset- your workers.

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Customized Corporate Programs

Our team of wellness experts and medical professionals are here to provide your company with the tools to build their best foundation ever.

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